summit noun : the highest point of a hill or mountain
: the highest attainable level of achievement


summit noun : Innovative companies in the consumer
receivables and alternative investments space


summit companies SAI Summit Alternative Investments
SCRA Summit Consumer Receivables Acquisitions
SIM Summit Investment Management
AF AmeriFirst Home Improvement Finance

Summit acquires pools of primarily performing consumer receivables from banks, both captive and third-party finance companies, seller-originators which have offered financing to their consumer customers, investment banks and other entities. Summit prides itself on our ability to underwrite the default risk and prepayment potential of these loans, while also increasing payment performance from expert servicing and collections practices. Summit utilizes proprietary risk modeling tools to forecast defaults, prepayments, cash flow and other attributes in order to offer competitive pricing to those desiring to sell consumer receivables portfolios. Summit, along with its investors, has acquired over one billion US dollars of consumer receivables portfolios in the last three years alone. Summit manages consumer asset acquisitions in the United States, Latin America, and Western Europe.

Our organization also works with investment banks, consultants, and brokers to facilitate acquisitions.  For more information, please contact us.

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Summit provides highly flexible consumer finance programs for US-based companies. Our goal is to be an industry leader in providing consumer finance programs tailored to increasing the sales, improving the cash flow, and meeting the business needs of our clients. If you are a company or merchant selling products or services to consumers, contact us to learn more about how we can help.

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AmeriFirst Home Improvement Finance Company, one of the Summit companies, provides a full spectrum of servicing and payment processing services for consumer receivables across a broad array of industries and asset classes. AmeriFirst can service loans that are current and throughout the delinquency cycle, including charge offs and legal recoveries.

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